ant3Dlab is a virtual playground where designers, artists and engineers from around the world can meet, exchange ideas and arrive at solutions. Future potential is to create networks of individuals with same interests and from same geographical locations in order to turn this virtual place into a hands-on experience.

Taking advantage of 3D models, we try to find inexpensive ways for 3D digital distribution for web applications and marketing purposes. The end stage of these models can be applied through other modes of reproduction, 3D printing prototypes or production.

We undertake projects from the fist phase of an idea to a complete product development package, from concept design to manufacturing implementation. We evaluate ideas and we turn them into tangible products. Our engineering experience helps us up to figure out what is required in order to create prototypes and then generate the product.

The scope of this idea is to put production abilities into the hands of the common man by using state of the art technology (CAD/CAM, 3D scanning, 3D printing) and our knowledge, passion and experience of the engineering sector.

We hope to inspire users to bring ideas into real life. Let your dreams become reality.