Set initial product and customer requirements.

Coming up with great ideas is an easy task. It is putting those ideas into action that is the difficult part. In order to turn your ideas into tangible reality you need to take right and precise steps all the way from the beginning till the end. All the steps are inter- connected to each other as a sequence of actions a new idea needs a solid foundation. Let us guide you through and find the right choices for your unique idea.

Products,technology and materials available.

We evaluating and examine concept ideas by exploring products and technology available. From our experience and thorough research we create a solid foundation of the product development process in order to shape a strategic approach. We can help you identify potential problems to solve and discover new opportunities to finally derive to a successful product.It is about a research on several aspects diverse concepts that combine together to deliver an end product.

Sketch designs and explore material & hardware options.

Every project is unique. We analyze potential problems and tailor our creative approach to fit different clients needs and budget. We expand the initial idea by sketching various designs and exploring potential materials and hardware/manufacturing options. An experimental model to test the viability of innovative design features. An idea or mental image which corresponds to some distinct entity or class of entities.

Review the concept and select best options.

At this stage we approach design from an engineering point of view and give the final aesthetics and ergonomics to the product according to the customers requirements. Scientific principles are applied to the design to develop and refine its functionality. The results of this phase is a ready to made product either for a prototype or production.

3D model products (CAD) and technology available.

With computer modeling it is becoming practical to eliminate the creation of a physical prototype. Digitally fabricate objects then develop this further, creating 3D CAD models and photo realistic images. We produce 3D drawings of the products, parts or assemblies. Creation of photo-realistic photos of the product helps us and tour customer to visualize the final product and also promote their idea before even manufacture.

CNC, Laser cut, 3D print.